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Summer Cleaning

Tackle the overflowing shelves by adding hangers or a rack over the door for more storage. Stop towels from toppling over by using baskets to hold them along with all your surplus toiletries & cleaning supplies.


Fluffy pillows

Wash your pillows in the machine; load two in at a time with a small amount of detergent. Give them an extra rinse and tumble dry on low, Pop a couple of tennis balls to poof them back up.


Pesky Pets

Deodorise the soft furnishings around your home including the Cat & Dog beds! Sprinkle baking soda around, let it sit for 15mins & then get out the vacuum cleaner. Refresh your mattress in the same way, the longer you leave it before vacuuming the better! You’ll sleep much better when you’re climbing into a thoroughly clean bed.


Baking soda is set to become your new best friend!

Place an open box in your cupboard, it will prevent nasty smells and keep odours at bay.


Fluffy Towels

If you live in a hard water area your towels can become hard & scratchy. Wash them on your hottest wash with 1 cup of ammonia and they will fluff right back up- that’s it!